Lighting Electrician Popular Trends

Color filter used with white lite can highlight the landscape and stylize entertaining areas and small lights, hidden in the grass or across the walkways will add some depth to it. But if you already have those and you want something new, that complements the style of your home, here are the newest trends in porch lighting:


  1. Hanging or pendant lights can be used both indoor and outdoor and require installation by an electrician Denver hosts. If you hang them from eaves or other structures, it will add a dose of charm and romance to your porch. On the market, you can find them in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles.
  2. A globe string lights will make your porch look like you are about to have a beach party every day.
  3. Semi-flush mounts are perfect for spaces on the smaller side. Its luminosity has a vintage charm, similar to a cottage from the twenties.
  4. Custom made lanterns for the front door, made from stained-glass panels.
  5. Moroccan-style lights, made from detailed metalwork, will make your porch more attractive. Also, it gives a luxurious style to outside walls and ceiling.
  6. Portable floor lamps are handy and versatile and can turn any porch into a summer living room.