Electrician On Power Surge Protection

All electrical appliances are characterized by a certain value of the supply voltage. The power supply network is often disturbed by a series of phenomena that can lead to the occurrence of power surges with damaging effects on the good functioning of plugged in appliances, even leading to their irreparable destruction.

Power surges can cause damage to equipment, fire and interruption of power supply – all these being negative consequences that need not be neglected while designing the electrical installation.


Types of power surges

  • Industrial frequency power surges – they result from sudden variations in the electric system caused by starting or stopping very high power motors, transformer stations, as well as from short-circuits in the electrical distribution network.
  • Atmospheric power surges – they happen during storms, being caused by lightning
  • Power surges caused by interruption of null power supply


Regardless of their type, power surges cause much material damage by destroying electrical and electronic equipment.

The increasing popularity of electronic devices, which are very sensitive to overvoltage, requires appropriate protection measures.

Exceeding normal values ​​leads to irreparable destruction of electrical and electronic equipment. Often the power surges supported by electrical and electronic equipment in our home have values ​​below the maximum level, but they are still power surges and must not go unnoticed. It is very important to know that recurrent power surges, even at low overvoltage, have the effect of disturbing the operation of and even destroying plugged in appliances, by weakening the insulation.  For any electrical needs, call on a licensed electrician Denver CO for professional electrical services.