Electric New Lighting Fixtures Installed By Electric Company

One of the most common requirements today is related to energy efficiency, and the energy consumption of modern buildings benefit from energy efficient lighting solutions. The precise definition of lighting purposes is an initial requirement for updating your home lighting fixtures. Manufacturers of energy-efficient lighting equipment come up with lots of designs, matching any style, that have sensors and work with led bulbs or other modern technology.

However, when you decide to update your home lighting fixtures, the quality of the lighting should not be sacrificed just for the sake of making economies.

Some criteria for obtaining energy efficient lighting would be:

  • the choice of fixtures with high luminous efficiency and with corresponding color rendering properties
  • the choice of fixtures with efficient light distribution and in accordance with the requirements of limiting the direct blindness
  • choosing a system adaptable to changing lighting requirements
  • the choice of lighting fixtures with reduced installation and maintenance requirements
  • the surfaces of the room should be painted in light colors

The main criteria for evaluating lighting systems are:

  • the lighting comfort is achieved
  • there is a balance between energy requirement and specific consumption
  • The system is reliable, durable and can be operated safely and easily
  • specific costs (investment, operation, maintenance) are affordable

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