Count The Cost With Lighting Choices

Turning off the light in the rooms that nobody is currently using is a great way to save energy, but the amount that you will be able to cut from your utility bills this way depends on the type of the lights that you use in your home, too. Here are some details about the energy consumption of the most common types of lights:

  • Conventional, incandescent light bulbs – the most energy-hungry and the shortest-lived light bulbs of them all are gradually banned in many countries around the world. If they are still available, they are very cheap, but they consume of lot of electricity compared to other lighting solutions and they also burn out very quickly;
  • Compact fluorescent lights – CFL bulbs consume about 70% less than conventional bulbs and they also last much longer – two features that justify the higher price;
  • Light emitting diodes – LED lights can live for around 20,000-50,000 hours and they provide instant, dimmable light. The initial cost of replacing any other types of bulbs with LED lights can be high, but their reliability, their low energy needs (even lower than in the case of CFL bulbs) and the great light quality make them worth the investment.  Get the best information from a local electrician Denver CO is home to and get saving today.