Fairy Light Decorations

Fairy lights are the little lights we use to decorate the Christmas tree, but also the windows, the furniture, or exterior elements such as the roof or the vegetation in the yard, to make it look festive and magical.

Fairy lights, without which the holidays are almost unimaginable today, shine in history since 1882, although their origins go way back. The traditions of using lights (candles) in evergreen trees come from ancient pagan rituals related to winter solstice, which were later taken over and adapted by Christians. Edward Johnson is the inventor of the electric Christmas lights. In 1882, he placed over 80 red, white and blue fairy lights in his Christmas tree. They were handmade and connected separately.  The nice thing about fairy lights is that you don’t need one of the electricians in Denver to install them, you can do it yourself fairly easily.

In 1895, Grover Cleveland used the first fairy lights in the White House. From that moment, fairy lights became more and more popular and companies have begun mass production. People always loved the magic of these lights. In 1900, wealthy people, with a high social status, used to host fairy lights themed parties.

At first, it was very expensive, but over time this type of lighting has undergone a variety of transformations. Fairy lights are now cheap, can be found in any store and are available in countless shapes, from simple small light bulbs to stars or figurines (snowman, Santa, reindeer etc.).