hot tub wiring electrician professional repair

We all know that water and electricity can be dangerous together, that is why ensuring that the two are safely separated is essential with your hot tub wiring. Unfortunately, the penetration of water where it shouldn’t is not the only electrical problem that can affect your hot tub. Here are some others:

  • Circuit breakers keep tripping – the issue can be either caused by a fault of the circuit breaker or by a fault of a major electrical component;
  • Malfunctioning pump – one of the most important features of hot tubs is the wide range of jets that the user can enjoy. When those jets stop working, the culprit is usually a problem with the pump. To make sure that the issue is diagnosed and solved correctly and the safety of the hot tub is restored, always call a Hot Tub Wiring Aurora electrician to check your malfunctioning jets;
  • A burned heater element – another very common electrical issue with hot tubs is the failure of the unit to heat the water inside the tub. The replacement of hot tub heaters might not seem like a very complicated procedure, but even so, it must never be attempted by amateurs, the best way to proceed when you notice that your unit is not heating being to call a repair technician.