Lighting Types

Soft light is one of the types of lighting used in filmmaking and photography, the other type being hard light. Whether a light is hard or soft depends on the distance between the source of light and the object or model to be illuminated and on the size of the source – here are some more details:

  • Distance – the closer the source of light is placed to the object or scene to be captured on film or in the picture, the softer it becomes;
  • Size – the larger the source, the softer the emitted light:

Soft light is the preferred lighting option for the features it offers:

  • Soft light is shadowless and it is often used as fill lighting, with the purpose of reducing the shadows that still remain after the object is illuminated with the key light;
  • Soft light is suitable for making wrinkles and other imperfections less visible, thus allowing the artist to capture a more youthful image of the model.

Most light sources can be used for emitting soft light, the quality of the emitted beam being easily adjustable with the help of diffusion gel or by directing the beam at a material with high diffusion abilities, such as silk.  Talking with a Littleton electrician can help you determine what is needed for your home and office.