Protect Your Home's Electrical System

Overvoltage occurring in electrical installations is an undesirable event that may cause damage to the conductors` insulation, which can produce short circuits with the most undesirable and dangerous effects (fires, destruction of expensive equipment and interruption of power supply).

More and more people claim damage to their electrical equipment during storms. This may happen because of surges caused by lightning directly in the electrical installations in the area (by “area” we mean a range of several tens of kilometers), or near installations or buildings, in which case surge waves occur by induction in electrical installations. Virtually any cable or pipe entering a building can lead an overvoltage to electrical appliances. In some cases, the induction produced by the lighting goes directly into the electrical circuits of the electric appliances in the building.

Damage to electronic equipment in a home due to is unpleasant and frustrating but you can avoid damage by installing surge protection Denver electricians say.

There is a wide range of dischargers, designed for power circuits, TV circuits, telephony, etc. They manage to lead overvoltage waves into the ground, being a necessity in all cases where you cannot afford the luxury of paying for the damage that an overvoltage may cause.