Great Lighting for Reading

If you are looking for a good reading lamp that is attractive and the light it produces is not tiring or damaging for the eye, here are a few of the most important aspects to bear in mind while browsing available lamps and bulbs:

  • Fixture type – in most rooms, simply switching on the chandelier or the fixture used for providing overhead illumination is not enough for reading comfortably. If your preferred place for reading is by your desk, use an articulated and adjustable desk lamp that provides comfortable to let you enjoy your favorite books or use a standard lamp for comfortable reading on the sofa;
  • The distribution of light – you need a source that produces light that is focused on the book and distributed evenly on the pages, such as fluorescent bulbs or LEDs;
  • Brightness – as we age, our eyes need more intensive light to read without strain. By the time we are 60, our eyes need 100 watts to be able to see clearly while reading;
  • Color temperature – warm light is more gentle on the eye than harsh white light;

Your eyes will tell you exactly what they need – if you picked a light that you thought great, but it strains your eyes or it causes eye redness or headaches, replace the light instantly.  If you are looking for installed lights to put in your favorite reading places, call on