Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom lighting, just like the lighting of any other room in the house, will be much more effective if we do not limit it to a single ceiling lamp. Bathroom is a very important room for the morning toilette and implicitly for our self-esteem, so make sure to light it properly, according to the height and size of the room.

On the other hand, the bathroom attracts some of the most consistent budgets for renovation, so why not invest in adequate lighting too? After all, lighting is a part of the overall design. Most bathroom surfaces are shiny, brilliant, so the right lighting will make them look great. In response, the surfaces will reflect the light and improve the overall aspect.  Hire the best electrician in your area, like JM Electric to do the installation.

You will need a wall lamp or spotlights above the bathroom mirror, with high voltage and white light, to be able to see exactly what you are doing when you shave, put on some make-up or do some kind of beauty treatment, but also a general light source that can be provided by a ceiling lamp with economic light bulbs that will allow you to do the other usual activities in the bathroom.

You can also use alternative sources of light such as decorative light, for those special moments of relaxation during long and hot baths. The decorative light can be provided by candles that you can temporarily install around the bathtub – but not too close to your hair, towels and other flammable materials – or permanently, on wall-mounted candle-holders.