Denver electrician Why Needed


A Tesla home charging station is a very reliable electric appliance, but not indestructible. Therefore, sometimes you may experience some issues with it. You may be able to deal with some of these issues on your own (e.g., restoring the lights on your Tesla wall connector), but others will require the intervention of a Denver electrician.

Your appliance has its way of giving you some indication of the problems that need to be fixed by a professional Denver Electrician through a red blink code (there can be one to seven red blinks, each one indicating a certain potential damage):

  • One red blink refers to a GFCI interruption
  • Two red blinks indicate a ground assurance fault
  • Three red blinks are associated with a rise in temperature that may result in a fire hazard
  • Four red blinks means that the internet connection has been lost
  • Five red blinks have to do with an issue with power-sharing communication
  • Six and seven red blinks refer to an overvoltage or poor grid quality

Except for the four and five blink error codes, all the others require the intervention of an electrical technician to identify the exact causes of the problems and to fix them efficiently, so that you can use your Tesla home charging station safely again.