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Ceiling fans are very useful devices throughout the year – in summer, they cool your rooms, while in winter, they redistribute warm air to enhance thermal comfort and they help your heating and cooling equipment no more efficiently all year around. The role that your fan performs depends on the direction in which the fan blades are spinning – here is how to set the unit correctly:

  • The cooling setting – to reduce the temperature in your room in summer, set the blades to rotate in the counterclockwise direction. The setting will pull the air downward toward the center of the room, which will make the room feel much cooler than it actually is;
  • The heat redistribution setting – the right setting in winter is the clockwise direction. When you use that setting, the warm air that rises and collects right under the ceiling will be sent downward by the blades, thus increasing the temperature of the air in the lower layers;
  • Useful in spring and fall, too – a ceiling fan is very useful at the end of the spring and at the beginning of fall, too. The right setting can make the room feel cooler when you are not yet using your cooling equipment in spring, but it is warm outside already and it can make your room feel warmer when you are still preparing your heater for the test run, but the nights are already cold.  Ceiling fans should be installed by a qualified Westminster electrician so they function properly and safely.