electric car charging station installation electrician certified

In the past, electric car charging stations were available only in particular gas filling stations and in large parking lots, such as the car parks found in front of supermarkets or shopping malls. The technology of charging electric vehicles has evolved a lot since the early days and today anyone can have a charging point installed in their garage. If you have decided to get a home charger, you must be prepared that the process can take quite long – here is why:

  • Increased demand – the demand for home chargers is so high that specialized companies have implemented waiting lists and in some areas, interested homeowners might have to wait for weeks for the installation visit;
  • A complex process – the first thing that your electric car charger installation Aurora technician will do is to check whether the electrical wiring system in your home is suitable for installing the charger. If the system is suitable, the installation process will take 2-3 hours to complete, but if you need to implement changes, you will have to reschedule the installation visit. If the technician can proceed the installation, the small unit will be connected to your home’s electrical supply system and the unit will be also connected to the internet.