LED Lights Can Flicker Call Electrician To Inspect

If you have LED bulbs, you may have noticed that they flicker at night, when the power is off. The explanation is very simple: economic bulbs contain capacitors that load from network energy losses. Losses are caused by equipment (led switches that keep the circuit closed even when the bulb is switched off) or wires buried in walls that lose electricity because of poor insulation.

The methods to remedy this problem:

  • reversing the wires from the fuses, the phase fuse box first reaches the switch and then the bulb.
  • changing the switch with a better one
  • inserting a bulb resistance greater than 1MΩ into the bulb circuit.

Giving up economic bulbs is unlikely because they tend to become the norm due to their energy efficiency. The simplest method is the third one, from those presented above, especially that a resistance is very cheap.  You can Always call JM Electric to have your electrical system updated or at the least inspected.

Poor quality LEDs may flash even when they are on and may affect our sight comfort. The concern for proper lighting also means a concern for our health. Quality lighting not only has a beneficial effect on our sight, it also has implications related to our overall well-being. High quality LED bulbs enhance visual comfort and help people focus better, especially if they work at the desk, in front of their computer, many hours a day.