Although Colorado is not as cold as the north of the country, the presence of the Rocky Mountains certainly makes winter a more challenging as well as exciting time for locals and visitors alike. It’s not uncommon to visit ski resorts in the area and have to deal with sub-zero temperatures throughout some of the colder winter months. Depending on the area you’re in, however, climate conditions can vary greatly.

Although the arid conditions in cities like Denver bring only a few days of precipitation per year, the local climate can be quite surprising and unpredictable. You normally get about 300 days of sunshine per year in Colorado, and that’s actually more than you’d experience in cities like Miami and San Francisco.


If you’re living in or visiting Denver, you can usually deal with daily

highs of about 45 degrees on a regular basis in the wintertime. Temperatures can be even higher here in some years, as the city is not as close to the influence of the Rocky Mountains as some other areas in Colorado.

However, the winter can still be a challenging time in Denver and many other areas in Colorado as many of the great Denver electricians can attest to the snowy conditions. Temperatures of 33 down to 16 and even lower on the scale can be experienced in the months of January and February. Moreover, when it comes to temperature extremes, Colorado actually has one of the all-time lowest in the country, with −61 °F recorded in Maybell in 1985.