Before anything else, the electricians need to talk to the builder and look at the house plans. They figure out where all the outlets, switches, lights, and other electrical things should go. It is much like planning the nervous system of the house.

Once the plan is set, it is time to put wires in the walls. The electrician carefully runs them through the walls, making sure they reach all the right places. This way the expert creates a hidden network inside the house.

In case you are wondering how you can turn on a light or plug in your phone, this can be done with the help of an electrician, who installs them in the proper areas, and also connects them to the hidden wires, which is similar to using command centers for your gadgets and lights.

Of course, you have probably already heard of circuit breakers, which are installed to keep everything safe. Thus, if there is too much electricity flowing, the breaker can switch off in order to prevent any kind of issues, so it is like a safety net for your house’s electrical system.

Once all the wiring is done, a skilled Centennial electrician will test the electrical system to make sure it works perfectly. They flip switches, plug in gadgets, and make sure there are no hidden issues.